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Jan. 19, 2016, 5:56 p.m. -  rvoi

#!markdown I used to ride there 25 years ago and there were already plenty of signs showing where you shouldn't be. Lots of small white signs in rows with terse threatening language. Nothing to physically stop you, but it's pretty obvious that you are getting really close to a military airstrip in this area. I used to love watching the touch and go practice right at the edge of the fence. Yes, there is a fence around the actual runway! When I saw jeeps, I rode like a banshee, took shortcuts and never had contact with the patrols. It is extremely easy to outrun a vehicle on a bike with all the intersecting narrow trails out there. The Navy ran the base back then, but I think it is run by the Marines now. Maybe they are finally cracking down? I would say the riders are clearly at fault for ignoring the posted signs and you would have to be blind and deaf to not see the base.

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