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April 13, 2021, 8:57 a.m. -  BkrAdam

Lately I've been buying $10 stems to try and get the bike fit dialed.   In the past I modified the air shaft on a Spinner 20" suspension to get the air compression ratio closer to 2.5:1.  The stock compression ratio was over 4:1.  The fork would either not mover or blow through the travel.  This was a few years ago before other moderately inexpensive 20" forks existed.  I also built a tubeless rear wheel using atomlab rims and bontrager/Dt240 hub that I scored for $50.  I converted a 10 speed cassette to 8 speed to improve the chain line.   I'm at the point now where I am saving the wife's old bike for the oldest to grow into.  That's a year or two away.

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