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April 13, 2021, 12:29 a.m. -  fartymarty

Andrew, perfect timing.  I'm just in the process of doing a bike swap with my daughters (6 and 9).  Oldest is getting a new XS 27.5 Rockhopper and youngest gets the oldest 24" Frog resprayed to the colour of her choice.   The Rochhopper comes with a 3x drive train thats getting swapped out for 1x Square taper 150mm cranks.  Next step will be short stem, proper rise bars, cassettes, adding a dropper and proper tyres / tubeless.  The forks probably also need looking at and rebuilding. I did similar on the 24" Frog (and 20" Frog that's just been sold) and it changed the bike for the better. It will be interesting to see where others are going with this. m Edit - we picked up the Rockhopper in the weekend. Have swapped 3x cranks for 1x and bars. The Suntour XCM fork is crap (and heavy) - I can barely get it to move with my 95kg so my 9YO has no chance. Am looking to take out one spring and even put a lighter spring in and add a ton of Judy butter to see if I can get it moving. Otherwise it maybe swapped out to my Krampus rigid fork which is similar length.  The chainline is crap (but it does change into the 36 easily) so i've got a narrower BB on the way.  It amazes me how "generic" off-the-peg bikes are even in smaller sizes.  It does look nice tho.

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