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April 7, 2021, 2:02 a.m. -  Glass

Not trolling at all. I am dead serious. There isn't anything in mountainbiking or cycling close to F1. Road biking has had pretty much zero innovation (none in geo due to the UCI), a tiny bit in aero (also due to the UCI) some tyre stuff but the only big one was the leap onto disc brakes recently which took ages due to how conservative they are! I can decend way more comfortably and faster on my DH bike on road than any roadbike ever! Cornering on a roadbike is utter garbage. They are fast (in a straight line) because they are light and have low friction but my god slam the brakes and try to lean that thing in a hairpin is frightening! These bikes average 30km/h and can easily do +90km/h on descents yet have the wheelbase of childs bike and the head angle of a unicycle!  Just recently the UCI banned the super tuck, which wouldn't be necessary if they just ran a dropper post! The bikes can easily be under the 6.5kg UCI limit so it's possible to have a 6.5kg roadbike with a dropper post! The road bike world makes me laugh when they try to claim they have cycling figured out but they are still in the stone age! I'll buy a roadbike the day they come with 67º HA, a decent reach, 50mm stems max, SA above 76º and chainstays above 440mm. You don't see a Yamanha R1 with roadbike geo for a reason! The roadbike will only evolve geo wise if the UCI removes it's restrictions and companies and riders start real experimentation. Are 700cc wheels are even the best for road cycling?  I wish Chris Porter would try building a geometron roadbike, that would be an interesting experiment.  The changes you mention in the XC world are microscopic, this is why almost every XC bike looks pretty much the same and not because they have been optimised.  Have you seen a 66º HA, 500mm reach, 78º SA, 50mm stem XC bike? I have only seen negative rise 90mm stems, steep head angles, slack seat angles with offset seatposts. XC still uses the road way of fitting taller riders onto bikes by slackening the seat angle on larger frames! There is some hope though as recently there has been a shift towards slacker HAs- Having said all this, if you are personally happy on your roadbike that's great but don't try to convince me they are even close to the limits of what is most efficient or fastest. And please don't compare anything in cycling to F1 where real engineers do real testing to find the real limits of technology.  Most modern mountainbikes brands are producing bikes with the same geometry as the Nicolai geometron from 2015 developed by Chris Porter 6 years later!!!

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