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April 6, 2021, 6:44 p.m. -  stiingya

Andrew, you should post what angles/overall geo you ended up with to help out others with your perspective on this. (or perhaps when you give your 2nd part of the titan review?) On the one hand it's always interesting to get other opinions and obviously from the comments your not alone in your thoughts on steep STA's/pedal position. BUT on the other hand if someone tested a Jamis Hardline and their review on the "SEAT" had this long intro about how they've rode Mondraker, Geometron and Pole all their life and "guess what", they just happened to think the Jamis geometry is too conservative... so they over forked, angle set, got a bespoke travel limited shock with custom hydraulic bottom out to prevent frame damage with offset bushings, concentric BB and a custom Ti linkage and NOW the geo's good. Don't you think you might feel like maybe the wrong person was testing that bike...? :)

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