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April 6, 2021, 9:26 a.m. -  MuscogeeMasher

Thanks for answering!  Very helpful and interesting.  What I have on there is very thick and soft mastic tape from One that is sold as shuttle guard tape.  Thick and soft makes sense for that application, and it works well.  Used it on the link because it was what I had at the time. I am hopeful the housing has worn a groove down to some harder rubber, but will keep watching it.  If it's a problem, will just get some "normal" mastic tape to put on there. Other than this niggle, I used some foam sleeves and zip ties and the cable routing was easy and is quiet.  The little two-piece clamps that fit into the ports are brilliant.  Wish they had done on the drive-side chain stay as well or just gone external.  My OCD doesn't like the open ports. Really looking forward to the review and very, very happy with my frame.

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