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April 5, 2021, 8:38 p.m. -  taprider

^BS! are you trolling? Ok, I'll bite. XC racers and coaches are constantly experimenting with and researching new technologies, looking for marginal gains. It's like Formula 1, but just with less money. You should see the boxes of different lengths of cranks, stems, handlebars etc., and various shoe modifications, measuring instruments, plus journals/records of various experiments that the coaches of the Elite racers have. Maybe mid race season, racers are hesitant to make changes if they are doing well, but it's full on mad science in the off-season. Plus where do you get "road bikes handle like utter crap for the speeds and terrain they are riding in". Cornering at speed is what is important, not preventing endos. I have reached 98kmph on an old school Colnago on a dowhnill corner, and there was no shimmy or anything but a solid arrow like feeling

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