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April 5, 2021, 7:48 p.m. -  John Keiffer

IMO it's all about where your center of gravity needs to be. Different bikes and disciplines may require different geo's based on their intended purposes. I've no spent almost 2 years on my road+ bike, and now realize it doesn't fit as well as I'd like it to. I would prefer a 72* STA on my road or gravel bikes. With my seat this far back my hands will require a lot less weight on them because I'm more balanced. On my mountain bike, because I don't care about aerodynamics I think 74+ would be fine because I do a lot of climbing, and the steeper STA's make climbing easier. I have a Giant Trance with 74.5* STA and 66.5* HTA. It has normal reach, and I find this bike very comfortable for trail riding. (I only rarely ride your kind of stuff.) However, learning where in space to place your controls is the part that doesn't have enough info. In the case of the mountain bike (trail) adding additional length to the reach is probably not the answer, because that pulls your weight forward onto your hands. Your controls should be in a place that provides power, but doesn't overly cause you to use your hands and other upper body muscles to keep yourself upright. You center yourself over the BB with your feet. Reach's that are too long could potentially pull you forward too much, move your weight forward of the BB, and maybe make you uncomfortable with hand or muscles issues keeping yourself upright.

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