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March 30, 2021, 10:51 a.m. -  khai

I'm currently running ESI silicone grips but have found that they don't take too well to being tossed into rocks/trees/dirt over and over (and over).  I've been really happy with the Chromag Wax grips on my DJ so I'll likely try those on the trail rig next. The only real downside to push-on grips is when paired with non-hinged bar clamps, swapping inboard for outboard positioning (or outright replacement) is a bit of a hassle.  Not a big deal on my personal bike but sometimes when trying to help someone with their setup it can be a hinderance.  Fortunately most decent bikes come with lock-ons, so if someone is in need of help the aren't likely running push ons.  Unless it's a truly lower end rig...

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