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Feb. 13, 2017, 8:57 p.m. -  Tehllama42

#!markdown Huge necropost (sorry), but you should also consider that satire isn't necessarily something that has to be purely humorous to be effective. The parts that didn't resonate with your funny bone should very much be a way to frame the challenges are present for brands that do have a women's specific effort in one form or another. Using the tool of reversing the groups, and framing it as satire through humor is arguably the best way to draw in a larger audience and have them critically reconsider what their own perceptions, biases, and reactions to media in this domain are - and in that sharper relief there can be much more useful discussion regarding what can be overcome, or at least addressed. This article clearly wasn't intended to cut down the brands that are currently working on bikes and related stuff - instead it phenomenally showcases how enormous a challenge they're working to address, and illustrate that thriving in this environment is probably because they're filling a genuine need - and that maybe the way some of the products in the WSB market are being advertised would seem out of place if the shoe were on the other foot. From my perspective, a lot of the massive limitations in developing bikes for this application effectively mirror the same causes that limit the accomplishment of ladies in science/technology/engineering/math fields, and it's that the ladies at the forefront of accomplishment feel that they have to devote some fraction of their time to overcoming stigma/stereotypes and emphasizing the fact that they can do those thingsā€¦ just go and get it done.

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