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March 29, 2021, 10:17 a.m. -  LWK

Great article, a few observations for me.  First, steep STA seem to be more important for taller riders.  Second, I would think the terrain and riding style would play into this.  "winch and plummet" is a fair bit different from long traverse pedal rides.  Noel Buckley had a good (IMO) synthesis of this in a recent comment in a different forum.   People are talking lots now about size matched chain stays but seems to me the entire bike geo needs to change between sizes.  With carbon, you have different molds for every frame size regardless so this shouldn't be THAT big of an obstacle.  God forbid the manufacturer has to do a bit of extra thinking up front though... Finally, AJ, do you have an idea what your actual STA is when climbing?  I think the main benefit of steeper STA is to stay in a better climbing position, especially with longer travel bikes with more sag.  So a static 78* turns into a comfortable 75*-ish when actually riding, instead of a static 74* turning into a miserable 71*, or whatever the value is, when sagged under rider weight and pedaling forces.

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