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March 28, 2021, 11:21 p.m. -  Dan V

There's a correlation between short WB and slack effective STA.  Should measure the horizontal distance the saddle is behind the BB to calculate the effective STA. Some TT bikes have multiple seat positions, forward for aero bars and rear for normal road. I suspect some prefer slack STA 'cause they have a large fitness base from training on slack STA, which doesn't fully transfer over to a steep STA position. Neglected muscle groups being recruited due to the new position makes them feel weak too. I say F incremental STA steepening. I've tried 83° on my Grim Donut experiment. I believe that there's room for it to get that steep. My sitting position being similar to my standing position was a bonus, as well as having similar susp sag for both standing and sitting.

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