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March 26, 2021, 9:39 p.m. -  Squint

Wow this article made me realize how much legacy Shimano stuff I have, starting with the XT- equipped 1992 GT Team Avalanche that's still in the garage, complete with Servo Wave. The first-gen rapid fire shifters blew up after about 6 months, so I hacksawed the mounts off and went thumb shifters, which finally gave up a few years back. I have a set of those red DX pedals, they look a lot worse than those pictured but still work fine. Those M737s look familiar too but mine are too beat up to find a model number.  Those shoes look similar to a pair I've had since the early 90's (label long worn off), they've been completely soaked through countless times and I wore them just today riding to work; even the velcro is still good. I think they have the original cleats in them, and they clip just fine into the Saint pedals I bought last week.  I have 20+ year old tools that still work on current products. I think that's why Shimano has been the stand out for my entire cycling experience; compatibility seems to be forever and the stuff just lasts. And same as the praise we hear today for Deore and SLX, the mechanics in the shop I worked at in the early 90s swore by DX; just as good as XTR, but cheaper and tougher.

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