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Jan. 21, 2016, 7:58 p.m. -  CoilAir

#!markdown Hey Cam, A couple minor corrections: Since she plead guilty, there was technically no trial. In the caption on the photo of Shaun, he would have been happy with the outcome of the proceedings and sentence. A conditional discharge would mean that her criminal record would be discharged after meeting the judges conditions, ie: the community service, probation, etc. An absolute discharge would have been a complete dismissal of punishment and no criminal records. As it is, she will have a criminal record after her community service and probation are finished and she will have to apply for a pardon after a certain number of years to expunge that record (not shipped how many years). Also, while on probation, if she's caught doing something she shouldn't, ie: being on mtb specific trails, she can be breached and taken back to court for further punishment…

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