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March 26, 2021, 7:59 a.m. -  Mammal

You just can't kill those cranks.  My buddy and I were racing a BC Cup DH at Panorama one year, and somewhere on the last 30 seconds of the course he caught the tip of his crank arm on a rock or something, almost sent him over but not quite. No pedal strokes through the last straight-away, and after he crossed, I asked him what happened. He said "I buggered my crank arm on some rock back there". We both looked down, and sure enough, looked like his Saint crank was bent over, contacting the chain stay on his Cove Peeler (blue). After getting back to my van, we realized the rear end had actually bent over towards the crank arm, not the other way around. When he got back to The Cove, they realized he had actually bent both the front triangle and rear end. Both ends of the bike got replaced with the new Brown Peeler (better race geo that year), and the same pair of cranks were proudly hung from that bike too.

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