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March 26, 2021, 7:04 a.m. -  Gbergevin

For me, as a grown up BMX kid, Shimano DX V brakes - the red kit they used to sell with lever/cables/brake. All the cool kids at the track had red DX brakes, they were all over BMX Plus, and the lever was that awesome two fingerish shape with the little plastic door over the cable end - they felt amazing and had adjustable leverage ratios. That was a serious lust item, and when I saved up and got them from the LBS I later ended up working at it, it was an early example of me figuring out the install process with tools borrowed from my dad and ended up being a massive upgrade over the OEM cantis on my Dyno Nitro.  I  was probably 12, and I still remember ripping a big skid down the driveway on my first test stop. I'm 35 now. Damn do I love bikes.

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