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March 22, 2021, 9:23 a.m. -  IslandLife

Same for me... I have a weekly Sunday morning "dawn patrol" ride that allows me to get a good long ride very early in the morning with no one around while at the same time gets me back to the house with the whole day to spend with the fam, do chores or go from another ride with the fam.  (The fam rides as well... but I still need my solo or with a friend,  high-speed, smashy double-black rides). I'm torn on this whole thing... I definitely appreciate the time change and enjoy more light in the afternoon.  But after the time changes, for a good chunk of the year in early spring and late fall, those rides have to start much later.  And if we move to a full year of this... those rides aren't really lonely dawn patrol rides anymore, they kind of verge on mid-morning rides with the masses. And with my current life schedule with young kids, riding after work isn't an option for me.  But, I do get how there are a lot more people who are able to use that extra light in the afternoon/evening vs early morning riders it's part of why my early morning rides are so gloriously unpopulated... I'm usually the only car in the lot when I start my ride! I'm torn...

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