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March 22, 2021, 7:44 a.m. -  Skyler

Alternative perspective: imagine you live across the bridge from the North Shore. On March 10th, you set the alarm for 5am, are in the car with a cup of coffee at 5:40 and cruise through empty roads to be parked at Hyannis around 6am. You start pedaling uphill in growing light and by the time you get to the top of GSM, the sun is bright. You get a proper 3hr ride in, and get back to the car at 9am. By the time you're changed and loaded up, rush hour has passed and you can get back to work in south Vancouver by about 9:45, which no one minds because they all stay until after 6 anyway. Then, on March 15, you wake up at 6am (which is the same time of day as that 5am start the other week), and get to work at 8. You're the first one there because everyone else is struggling to adjust to DST. At 4:30, you get in your car, which is already loaded up with your bike and kit. Then, you spend the next 1hr10 smashing your head against the steering wheel, while trying to get through 22km of motorized a-holes. You arrive at Hyannis at 5:40, but finding parking is hard because it's 2021 and everyone is doing the same thing. You get pedaling just before 6pm. At the top of GSM, it's starting to get a bit hard to see under the dark canopy. You do one lap and then it's pretty much too dark to ride without lights. You drive home wondering if the time spent in traffic was worth the 10 minutes of descending. In short, we didn't gain an hour, we just changed what time we go to work, and the closer work hours are to dawn or dusk, the more daylight you have on the other side.

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