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March 9, 2021, 12:18 p.m. -  Sanesh Iyer

My Titan (size Medium w/ 445 reach, short dropouts, 29in wheels). I'm also 5'9" with long arms, the Reach on my other bikes is 463. I run a 50mm stem and 800mm bar. I went medium because I've ridden long travel 29ers with 470 reach and I find them unweildy with my dimensions. So, the short form review after about 1 month, I really like it. It does not get hung up on square edge hits, so it really gobbles up the trail, great traction. It does feel bottomless, I'm sure I've reached the bottom but the progressive suspension and hydraulic bumper maintain great composure in the deep stroke. The long stays take some getting used to, I find (compared to my Chromag), I have to focus on sitting and spinning up tech climbs to keep the rear wheel weighted. I use the climb switch because I have it, but if I could have a do-over I'd get an Arma with an adjustable hydraulic bottom out bumper because the bike pedals so well while seated. It's not a cross country bike, but there's no undue bob either. Descending, I feel like I'm in a centred and balanced position on the bike, and like I'm not over-weighting the front wheel, which is really confidence inspiring in steeper terrain and during g'outs and landings. Pumping through corners took some work, rebalancing my hardtail brain, but I feel I've got it figured out now. Trails that I usually ride at slower speeds on my hardtail (Crippler, Bookwus, etc.) I now find myself looking for faster lines. My favourite part of the bike is how it helps you stay in a centred body position, and remains composed when you're getting yourself into trouble. Shoutouts to Banshee; Aziz at Dunbar; and Alex, Jake, Ken, and Rick at Lynn Valley Bikes for helping me get a bike together in these partsless times. ![Sanesh's Titan](

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