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March 5, 2021, 11:52 a.m. -  AndrewR

@bugguy  For Whistler/ Pemberton/ Squamish I happily run 20-21 front and 22-23 rear most of the year. On my 2020 Sight (170 mm front/ 155 mm rear) under a 98 kg rider. I am not fast and I prioritise low speed off camber rock and root traction over any other tyre consideration (ie I don't care if the tyre is a bit soft on the occasional jump and I "don't ride bike park" any more - ever bike park pressures used to be 25 psi front/ 29 psi rear).  In late summer when my fitness is at its highest and I 'know' the trails I am riding in detail I might increase pressures by 1-2 psi to account for my slightly higher trail speeds. I drop 1-2 psi in the depths of winter, through to early spring, when I am riding slower and everything is wet and greasy. For reference, for me, these pressures work well with Conti Der Baron Projekt, Michelin WILD Enduro Gum-X and e*13 LG1 Race or MoPo tyres.  I haven't bothered with Maxxis (very impressed by the Assagai other than the weight and really slow rolling speed) and Schwalbe for a while, other than on loaner/ demo bikes as their retail price/ wear rate ration to too high in my opinion.

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