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March 2, 2021, 2:04 p.m. -  Sanesh Iyer

Love it! Thanks for doing the swap. I considered it, then just went full pull 38 Factory. After rereading the vorsprung and push coil kit reviews, I'd love to see a head to head. I also think the 38 would make a better fork to swap, as I imagine the coil to air can be reversed given that it's a cartridge air spring. The weight penalty would also be less. After putting some time in on my storia, I've come to love the HBC. I wasn't sure exactly how it would feel, I bought it mostly out of nerdery, but it really does stabilize the deep stroke. I would have liked an Arma just to try the HBC adjuster too (though HBC + Lok is clutch, as you can run it soft and open but have some platform for the grinds). That said, I notice a lot of interplay between spring rate, HSC, LSC, HBC, and Lok. The HBC let's me run less HSC and a softer spring than I feel I'd otherwise need. And that's on the rear with leverage kinematics helping out. I imagine HBC would have even more effect on the front, eliminating the tradeoffs between suppleness and control, similar to AJ's experience of the smashpot.  That was a huge digression. I'm super excited about the flexibility of this platform. Would love to see head to head damper and spri reviews on a single chassis to independently score them.

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