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March 2, 2021, 1:50 a.m. -  Mark

Azar makes the critical mistake of arguing that because a situation is worse in one case, then the lesser case does not exist. In terms of New Brunswick, she is categorically wrong in trying to claim that systemic racism does not exist. Her comments belie an ignorance of the history of racism in the Maritimes, especially that of Africville in Nova Scotia.  Her other claims of Canada being not racist further shows a clear ignorance of the history of racism in this country. For an academic to make these mistakes is disappointing, but unfortunately is not completely unsurprising. Canada in general makes the same mistake of the denial of racism, especially in respect to black people, as it is so easy to point to our neighbours to the south and their history with slavery. While the story of the Underground Railroad is true and important, parading that as some example of Canada being the slavery justice fighter is rather obtuse considering we have our own history of slavery - including in New Brunswick. I must note too that I've observed this particular author has having a history of misrepresentation even though he makes notice of issues such as racism and intersectionality yet he glosses over these things to misrepresent what's happening in his stories. So while I may not agree with some of the "mob comments" the author talks about, to present that as the mainstream of progressive ideology is a gross misrepresentation of what's going on. The article also fails miserably in addressing the mistakes by Azar. Instead of spending time looking for the small amount of info that supports the idea of there being little to no racism in Canada it might be worth spending some time to look at the significant amount of information that does speak to the issue. For example,if you don't know anything about the history of black people in the Maritimes then here are a few articles to check out, one on New Brunswick and one on Africville.  []( [](

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