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Feb. 23, 2021, 9:57 a.m. -  IslandLife

Noticed a couple people saying they lost a bottle with this system. Just thought I'd chime in and mention that after two years of hard riding, crashing and enduro racing, my bottle has never come loose... and it's in a pretty standard front triangle horst link set-up (lots of room for it to move if it could). Compare that with previous cages where I've had bottles get knocked loose from crashes and hard gnar riding semi-regularly. It was always standard practice after an unplanned dismount or particularly g-out inducing section of trail to quickly check that the bottle was still there. It's not even a thought anymore using the Fidlock set-up. It seem both the "lost a bottle" comments mention is happened on their first ride. Now, I didn't have any issue getting used to the system (that I can remember) as I didn't find anything that needed "getting used to", it really is pretty fool-proof. But like AJ mentions, there could be something about getting used to how it connects that some people may just want to pay a little more attention to during their first ride? I don't even need the extra space the Fidlock system provides, I just really love the way it works and once you're used to it, it feels like you can almost just sort of throw your bottle at those magnets and keep trucking without even looking.  Super fast and slick system. AJ, quick question... interested in the new bottle cap, does Fidlock mention being able to just buy the cap vs another bottle? Do the caps fit the older bottles?  Don't see them listed separately on the site and the bottles without the mount are pretty reasonably priced, but it seems a waste to get rid of a perfectly good bottle when I'd just like the new cap.  Guess I could just buy a whole new system and sell my current (still in perfect condition) 600ml bottle & mount...

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