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Feb. 23, 2021, 6:40 a.m. -  Vik Banerjee

We've used the Fidlock system to attach a second bottle to both my GF's bikes \[she can fit one inside the frame already\] for longer/warmer rides. It works well. You should be able to replace the ugly straps with zipties if you are not removing the mount from the frame often. We've also used the smaller Wolf Tooth B-Rad base electrical taped to a frame with Fabric cageless bottle studs mounted to it for a 2nd bottle. That set up worked pretty well and the mount was fairly stealthy when not being used with black tape on a black frame. I'm one of those weirdos that won't buy a bike I can't get a bottle mounted inside the frame and one more mounted under the downtube. I'd prefer dedicated bottle mounts, but I'd make due with DIY bottle solutions. Since I'd ride a smaller Geometron than you AJ I couldn't fit a bottle inside the frame. Whenever I am browsing their sweet bikes I get that far and realized I wouldn't be able to live with the machine day to day despite how lovely I am sure they are in every other way. On one hand I understand the notion of not wanting to have water bottle placement drive the bike's design. On the other hand water is more essential than suspension to me and it's not like I or just about anyone I have ever ridden with is pushing their bikes so hard that we'd have our ride experience ruined by a design that was only 87% as awesome as it could be due to fitting a water bottle in a convenient spot. I do look at the Geometron frames and it seems they could fit a custom designed water bottle. I realize that's a hassle to design and manufacture, but if you are making highly optimized frames that seems like a logical step. It also seems like carrying a significant amount of weight high on the back vs. lower on the bike is not fully optimizing the total ride performance either. Anyways I am glad water bottles inside the main triangle are making a comeback. I'm also glad to have flexible bottle solutions like the Fidlock and Fabric systems for getting a 2nd or 3rd bottle on the frame.

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