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Feb. 22, 2021, 9:39 a.m. -  Cooper Quinn

Ya, its a tough one, right? I mean as you know, I've typically also had a hardtail in the quiver (I don't currently). But its kinda hard to compare... my last hardtail was like 34lbs, 62deg HTA, 160mm Lyrik... so the ride was apples to oranges over the Spur or Tallboy. But, neither one of these rides like a hardtail - its a full suspension experience for sure, and I totally see why you'd go back. I'd have a hard time justifying either one of these if I also had a hardtail (outside of n+1, really).  It has made me think I'd like to try a much lighter hardtail, instead of the brawlers I've built up, but I dunno about things like EXO casing on a hardtail if you want to get rowdy. Brian Park at that other website has an interesting experiment going on - aggressive geo hardtail with a SiD.

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