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Feb. 22, 2021, 8:10 a.m. -  DMVancouver

I moved the parts from my Chromag hardtail to an alloy Devinci Django frame (120 mm travel) for the Nimby 50 but ultimately went back to the hardtail. Also owning a long-travel 29er, the Django was TOO capable and didn’t offer a different enough ride experience. I was hoping the Django would be a hardtail-like experience with slightly more compliance but it turned out to be beyond that - it was planted, suspension was active and I could charge rough sections, at the expense of efficiency and responsiveness. Is the Spur that hardtail-like ride (snappy, efficient, direct handling) with a bit more compliance, or does it still overlap with your Altitude to a point where you’d rather have a hardtail as a second bike? And a question to others - what other short travel 29er frames are good candidates for hardtails with some squish?

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