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Feb. 22, 2021, 7 a.m. -  Vincent Edwards

I haven’t ridden the spur yet, but I’d love to get a demo on one. I’ve owned both the TB3 and the current tallboy. Right out of the gate I put on a fox 36 set to 140mm travel... so that may have some impact on my experience. I’m in total agreement that the TB is all ‘trail’ bike. The XC character of the previous tallboy has been traded for modern geo and increased stiffness.  Right now the tallboy is my only bike. When I know my rides will be more rough and DH focused, I put on a dpx2 imperial shock that takes the travel up to around 129mm. The rear end is noticeably more composed in the rough with this setup, but it trades away a bit of support and crispness. I also run a 30t chainring to boost the anti-squat slightly. I’ve found the tallboy to be a great all around mountain bike- it strikes a nice balance for big rides. I tend to prefer a shorter travel bike, but often ride trails where more travel is the norm. I think this is where the tallboy really shines.  In a way, I think the strength of the TB is also its weakness. With the extra weight and stiffness, plus fully modern geo, it’s easy to take the bike into situations where the travel feels like the limiting factor.

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