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Feb. 20, 2021, 2:58 p.m. -  Christopher Wallace

“because you're not asking enough questions” But I am and it’s always the same response – everyone reading from the same playbook with no room for critical independent thought – just like religion. “but that ignores the context of why some people succeed and others don't. This dynamic is not just limited to the BIPOC community, but extends to all people. The failure in this thinking is assuming that all people have the same opportunities, and unfortunately they do not.” Agreed. But this is a hard fact of life. I wanted to be pro skater – wasn’t good enough. Hard fact. “My "movement", whatever you may think that is, does not strive for equality of outcome, it strives for equality of opportunity Again I agree 100%. Everyone should have the same opportunity as everyone else and from that point your abilities and work ethic should dictate your success. But much of the push is for equity not equality. “The term "equity" has appeared in nearly every executive order, policy proposal and speech given by the president and his top officials since his inauguration.” A perfect example of equity over merit is California’s new diversity law. “Starting next year, public companies headquartered in California will be legally required to diversify their boards racially, ethnically and in terms of sexual and gender identity. “The law, which was signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom on Wednesday, requires companies to have at least one board member from an underrepresented community by the end of 2021 and at least two or three -- depending on the board's size -- by the end of 2022.” “Equity does not have to extend to all factors of life, but it should extend to the basic needs of life.” Third time agree but time will show us that’s not how it’s going to play out. Deleted comments was me trying to get order right.

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