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Feb. 20, 2021, 12:27 p.m. -  Mark

Race theory is a social construct, meaning that it was developed socially. The concept of race was developed as a means to subjugate other people and place whites as the superior people/race. Racism serves to devalue and dehumanize others, typically people of colour, in relation to whites. It is well known that is no biological concept of white or black race  in humans, but the  concept of race theory is one that has existed for hundreds of years.  RE the book, it may very well be ok depending on the context. While it's true that there is a  higher  proportion of fatherless black children in the US, the important question is what causes that? Depending on how you answer that question determines how your book will be received.  I I think that's why these concepts seem so foreign for you, is that you don't see the context because you're not asking enough questions and are taking things at face value. In my other response I talked about some of the different barriers that exist, and they are real and not just in someone's mind. You present an unsubstantiated example of "way too many successful POC" as to why barriers are simply in one's mind, but that ignores the context of why some people succeed and others don't. This dynamic is not just limited to the BIPOC community, but extends to all people. The failure in this thinking is assuming that all people have the same opportunities, and unfortunately they do not.  Re equality, you would be incorrect to assume that it already exists. Examples of this exist abound in public institutions such as schools and health care. My "movement", whatever you may think that is, does not strive for equality of outcome, it strives for equality of opportunity that allows individuals to achieve their personal potential. So yes that means that some people may get extra resources or consideration, not to give them the opportunity to reach your maximum potential but to reach theirs. This can include things like accessibility options for the differently abled or extra educational resources for those with mental challenges. Equity does not have to extend to all factors of life, but it should extend to the basic needs of life. There is no proposal for a utopian world of equality. The theories are well supported in research,  readily identifiable and exist across a number of fields including sociology, psychology and social work. It's all observable human behaviour.  Much of your arguments are against a position that doesn't actually exist which is why you may disagree with what I'm saying.

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