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Feb. 20, 2021, 11:10 a.m. -  Christopher Wallace

No double standard? Ok I’m going to write a book titled: Baby Daddy – The crisis of fatherless children in Black America. An absolute problem that needs addressing but do you think as a white male I would be able to get this published? Can you imagine the backlash for even proposing this book? The rest of your reply is text book race theory. “and when one group perceives their societal power is threatened” Standard response when someone disagrees with the movement – a strategy to paint them as disgruntled with their life and lashing out at POC. “but what's happening is that the entire field is being equalized in terms of their starting position.” We already had that it was called equality – what your movement is striving for is equity of outcome two very different things. Barriers only exist in people’s minds – way too many successful POC to say otherwise. What you are proposing is a Utopian world where everyone is equal regardless of ability, intelligence etc. I wanted to be a professional skate boarder, it was my life and all I did. Practice, practice, practice. But guess what? I wasn’t good enough because I just didn’t have the natural ability, that’s the way life goes and we can’t engineer an outcome if it’s not possible. You present these theories as if they are fact. They are not.

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