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Feb. 19, 2021, 8:33 p.m. -  Mark

@Christopher Wallace: You raise a good point, but it's not a double standard as you suggest, same as for the book you name. Often these things can be related to power dynamics, and when one group perceives their societal power is threatened, they naturally react negatively. What gets lost in that however is the imbalances that exist within that power dynamic. For example, if every time you've run in a race you have a head start you've become accustomed to that being the norm. If suddenly you are now moved back to the same starting point as others that may seem unfair to you, but what's happening is that the entire field is being equalized in terms of their starting position. A similar thing is starting to happen in Western society, but in manners that seem even more unfair to the dominant social group - straight white males. I think where people have problems with this ideology is that often the systems of oppression are hidden from view for the dominant society. When you don't have to face certain barriers, you don't think they exist. Unfortunately the barriers do exist, and as a society we have a responsibility to dismantle them especially if we are in the dominant group. It may appear that comes at a cost to us, but it actually ends up being a benefit to society as a whole.

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