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Feb. 19, 2021, 9:40 a.m. -  Christopher Wallace

Sanesh thanks for writing back, I have no animosity to anyone only to a movement I see as misguided and creating tension and further division. We are so fixated on racism but by your own admission you’ve only experienced it once some time ago. 1) The book is written by a proponent of critical race theory whose ultimate goal is to defund the police and replace the government. She has a predetermined agenda and finds facts to suit her narrative. The point is that it’s a racist/sexist book condemning white men but that’s ok in today’s society. Double standard. 2) Racial identity is woven into the fabric because people such as yourself choose to – right back to critical race theory which tells us every interaction has racist undertones. As someone married to a person of color I disagree with you and have the “lived experience” to back it up. 3) “The fact that it hasn't been a 50/50 split for history of humanity indicates that gender identity is already woven into the profession.” Maybe because woman are not interested in engineering? Is there a push to have 50/50 split in female dominated trades such as nursing? Where is the demand for the 50/50 split in dangerous work such as logging and mining – men are ten times more likely to die on the job so by your thinking of equality we need to get those female work related deaths up. 4) Why is diversity not being pushed on the cricket courts of Surrey or the mah-jong tables of Chinatown? Has any non-White entity been asked or made an effort to include White people in their activities? 5) I thought this was a mountain bike site but somehow it had to become about race, gender etc - so disappointing.

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