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Feb. 18, 2021, 12:34 p.m. -  Greg Bly

My last group ride was with Yoshi , Masaki , kieda ( woman rider)  Andrew from Korea . They love mountain biking so do  I. That's what we share. They all traveled to Candada to become Canadian citizen s.  I saw or felt no racial discrimination me being the only white guy.   Now if I mention that I commute full time by bike,  no automobile, I'm instantly judged that there is something different.  something wrong with me.   I know all about prejudice and I'm white.   Mountain bikers for the most part are caring , accepting people with great world model views.  Humans are judgemental and racist out of fear and ignorance. This is a huge problem in every society.   I don't think this issue is rampant in mountain biking communities.   Then I remember how I was a feeble low skilled rider that was accepted by a very talented crew.  Way back then woman and ethnic minorities did not matter at all!  We took care of each other like family. I  find this family embracing ethics are shrinking. Less emphasis on low impact riding and courtesy.   I was guilty of this. That other group the E bike crowd. Now I realize they too need to be accepted and shown how to be courtiouus to all trail users. To ride not slide . All the unwritten rules of being a good steward to the sport.  Weird eh.?  I ride with woman and people of different colored skin.  Maybe they appreciate the sport more than middle class over 30 entitled white males?   BTW my parents both moved to Canada. I think being Canadian is about cultural diversity.  You don't own this country. This country provides us with freedom and opportunity.

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