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Feb. 18, 2021, 11:29 a.m. -  mike

Started with cheap ass flat pedals that came on my 1992 Giant 660. Added new pedal that allowed toe clips. That last a few rides. Nothing like getting your toe clip caught. And being fired off the trail, or over the bars. Went to a bit bigger BMX style pedal with some Nike ACG shoes. Rode those for a year or so. Then took the plunge and jumped to the 737 SPD,s , then the 747,s . Then onto the 636,s when they debuted . For shoes Shimano clip-less shoes where the go to. Went thru several pairs before switching to the red hi-top DH shoes. Had several pairs of shoes and pedal in the DH and freeride era. 1st real pair of flat pedal . Was some Atomlabs , all billet , bigger platform. They where murder on the legs if one slipped an pedal. That experiment lasted a summer , and back to SPD,s. After taking too many years off from biking. I got back into the sport. And started out with some platform pedals. For shoes some old school vans. They switched to the 5/10 Impacts and some Kona WAHWAH,s . 8yrs later , still committed to flats. Tried one race and a few rides clipped in . But my posture has changed and the knees can't take being clipped in. Today's combo is some OneUp plastic flats , and some GR9,s . I,d like to try the magnet pedals, but have no desire to spend more money LOL.

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