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Feb. 18, 2021, 9:19 a.m. -  mrbrett

My mom's an Indian immigrant, dad white as white can be. Similar response from both. Neither one of them particularly active, and I ended up biking with almost no family support or example to work off of. I wouldn't say any side of the family actively discouraged me but they just didn't _get it_.  Could be a generational thing rather than culture in my case - as I don't remember any of my mom or dad's family doing any sports. My kids seem mostly into this hobby, but they're young and who knows what the future holds? And, to be fair when I got started seriously riding in the early 90s, mountain biking was a weird fringe sport.  Maybe in addition to reducing systemic gatekeeping, being more mainstream and more accepted (I mean, legal trails are all over the place these days!) will help get people interested beyond watching Rampage? I have to admit my Indian grandparents were seemingly preoccupied with what looked proper, could be less of that these days?

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