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Feb. 18, 2021, 8:39 a.m. -  Craig Wu

My parents met as Taiwanese grad students at Penn State and I was born there in 1970. I fell in love with bikes as soon as I started riding around 4 years old. When I was a kid I wanted to race BMX more than anything, but my parents dismissed that idea as expensive and frivolous - academics and piano were where I should be focused. Geography also plays a large role in getting people into mountain biking, far more so than road riding. Growing up in the DC area, it wasn’t until I went to Virginia Tech in the Appalachians that I discovered MTB. That led to moving to Colorado after college where I’ve been since. For most of my CO cycling life, I am the diversity in the group, although aside from “white”, I’m very much in the straight, able-bodied vein of the rest of my cycling peers. Compared to Vancouver, where I used to travel quite frequently for work, CO is not very diverse as a population which to me explains a lot of the lack of diversity in my riding groups. I’d be interested to learn from this group if you felt your parents (and hence culture) played a large role in getting you into cycling. Ironically, I’ve tried getting my own kids into cycling and it just didn’t take. Thanks for bringing this up Sanesh and sharing your experiences. It was very refreshing and validating to read.

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