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Feb. 17, 2021, 7:02 p.m. -  Andy Eunson

I started mountain biking in 1983 and the setup to have was Nike Lava Dome shoes with Suntour Beartrap pedals with a toe clip where the loop for the strap was cut off (and nicely filed smooth) with no strap. I think first or second ride a bad bunny hop resulted in crotchal damage. Full clips and straps from then on until about 1991 and it was SPD all the time. There was a short period of Time Atac but I didn’t care for the thud instead of a click and my feet always gravitated to the outside of the lateral float.  My first attempt at flats was with a pair of Straightline pedals and some shitty shoe. I found the lack of grip frightening. A few years later I bought some 5.10 karver and the grip was enlightening. But in my size 39 they seemed to be as wide as the size 13s and looked like elephant feet. Too wide for my knees.  A couple seasons ago I went to Race Face Atlas and Shimano shoes. Not as grippy as 5.10 but I was more able to move my feet to a more comfortable place for pedalling but still the grip was lacking. Last fall I got some Freerider Pros on Bontrager plastic pedals for colder weather riding. And Chromag Synth on the hardtail. Great grip and I’m trying harder to get used to them. I believe flats will make me a better rider as the force me to weight and unweighted the feet better. The Bontrager pedals are better. I figure I’ll get better at placing my foot well, moving it while pedalling and being used to a non perfect foot placement. But once it’s warm again I’ll be clipped in again.

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