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Feb. 17, 2021, 5:57 p.m. -  Skeen

My first MTB in ‘96 came with clips and straps.  I switched to SPD in ‘97 and stuck with them ever since. This has been my go to, to current times for all MTB including dirt jumping. I ride BMX and trials in flats so justified I “could” ride mtb flats if I wanted but found it harder than expected, especially while also adjusting to a hard tail after many years on full suspension. After a few rides I adjusted except not for super tech, slow climbing. Sometimes I find a wheel in between rock chunks with pedals at approx six and noon, and no way to generate power to pedal through as I would be able to with clipless. I am sure with better technique these situations could be avoided but these are already trialsy tech climbs most people walk, so smoothing in flats would be next level. I’ll keep practicing in flats, but suspect SPD will always be my preference for MTB.  Also, I’m still on DC skate shoes with one up flats. Have a pair of 5-10s on order I am looking forward to trying.

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