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Feb. 17, 2021, 5:55 p.m. -  AJ Barlas

It's pretty wild how many riders are committed to clipping in these days. Not 10 years ago it was the other way around in the lift lines, maybe less-so at local trail heads. I get it for people who have ridden forever, ride road bikes too, or race but I'm always surprised to hear intermediate riders with no plans for riding other than having fun, talking about how they need to try clips and get used to them. Why? Each to their own but what's wrong with good flat pedal shoes and pedals as an intermediate weekend warrior? I still have a pair of the Teva Links. They were really comfortable but I found them horrible on the bike. Maybe on the dirt jumper but the midsole started to delam and I haven't got around to glueing them up.  The Vaults are a great pedal. It's no wonder they're popular. Unfortunately, I had bad luck and bent a pair when I clipped the ground in the park a bunch of years back. Nothing wild but enough to ruin the trailing face and make removing the pin in that spot impossible.

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