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Feb. 17, 2021, 4:52 p.m. -  YDiv

Thought about this a bit today. I think you could convert without needing to swap out the cranks. Would have to be done using a [OneUp]( switch direct mount carrier and chainring. To note, this would be the SRAM compatible carrier and the Shimano compatible chainring. \- This should work based on the assumption that there's no difference in the carriers other than the part that interfaces with the crank, but best to run it by the guys at OneUp to make sure. Having said all that, you're most definitely down on upfront cost if you do this. However, I think it's worth calculating to see whether it pays off, because I think there's a possibility it does. Honestly it just depends how long you keep the bike for. Couple long term pros: \- The Switch DM carrier will make chainring replacement cheaper in the long run. \- Some money can be recouped by selling the XD driver. \- And of course, Shimano stuff is cheaper than SRAM. As others have mentioned, the chain - chainring interface might see excessive wear if paired weird. Shimano talked a bit about it [here](

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