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Feb. 17, 2021, 2:54 p.m. -  a.funks

I started riding in the toecage and straps era, got taken away by rock n roll, and returned in 2009 and flats just made more sense to me than the clips that most were riding locally. Nowadays most are on clips! Did DMR V12’s but broke them having a left hand thread servicing fail and needed some pedals for a race that day, so got some of the new Vaults. Still have them, and another two pairs. They just feel like home! Big platform with plenty of width, really concave, decent pins. Replaced the moto pins on my Brendog set with normal pins because the standard pins grip better and chew up my soles slower! Had Shimano AM9’s, then Teva Links and then a succession of Freeriders. Wear an older pair of normal ones for commuting and work, have ELC for filthy conditions and Pro for nicer conditions. They are almost too grippy but not quite - riding rocky trails on my 150mm alloy hardtail with a 27.5x2.3 rear tyre I need my feet to stay stuck!

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