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Feb. 17, 2021, 11:32 a.m. -  Will McBeath

I am a fan of enough grip when I drop my heels but enough freedom to adjust my foot if it’s not placed in the right spot. Years of road riding has made me particular about where my foot is and I particularly dislike not being able to shuffle my foot to where it needs to be. I tried 5-10’s and felt they were too grippy. I couldn’t adjust unless I sat down. I’ve settled on ride concepts powerlines and nukeproof horizon pedals. I like that they allow me reposition when needed and are locked in when I drop my heels. I also like riding spd’s rather than egg beaters so I’m definitely in the camp of when I want my foot to stay in place, I want it to. I just feel 5-10’s are too tacky with zero pressure also so I can’t adjust

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