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Feb. 17, 2021, 10:45 a.m. -  Luminous Fractal

i find it curious how many riders suffer with grip.  honestly not since the molded 90's pedals in wet weather have i had an issue there..not with my nikes or any other running shoe. preference for most of my years has been trainers for the city and lightweight hiking boots for the hills (how you people walk around mountains with flat soles (or ankle support/protection) is beyond me)  one thing that works wonders though is getting vibram soles (they just dont wear out from the pins..ever) its just finding a good tread pattern to match the pedals or adjusting the pins to fit nice. and with the hiking boots with the deep treads you certainly get the locked in effect (also protected ankles and the ability to walk up a muddy or slick mountain. totally remember the strap in pedals and how often you'd see people falling sideways when stationary and stuck in. i may have done it once or twice lol

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