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Feb. 17, 2021, 4:29 a.m. -  jason

I have experience like Cam.  I started riding MTB with “straps”.  When spd came around I moved in that direction for 10 years.  But an ugly fall off a high skinny sent me to flats.  Vans with crappy pedals until I got Cullies.  Then five ten happened.  Impact low! Heavy as shit but no more pedal slip.  Heaven.   I tried to go back to spd around 5 years ago and hated it.  I am slow going up anyway so don’t see much benefit of spd there.  For downs I like the heel down and ejectability of flats. I am on 5:10 impact with one up and Scarab pedals ( diff bikes).  I have a pedal re-adjust move where if I roll over a steep bump I lean a touch forward which allows me feet to un weight enough to move my feet over the pedals.  I seem to get the feet back in the perfect place with this move.  But even if they are not in the right place, I know my feet will work because of the great grip. I can’t see going to anything else.

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