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Feb. 17, 2021, 12:58 a.m. -  YDiv

This drivetrain really starts to make more and more sense as time progresses. SRAM Eagle is really nice in the beginning but there's a reason that people will replace their X01 cassettes with GX ones. The price is **through the roof**. Even the GX cassette is a whopping $300 CAD. Compare that to Shimano... 300 will get you an XT cassette (almost top of the line!!) AND 75 dollars leftover that you can light on fire. Bring that down to Deore, and the cost effectiveness of this drivetrain is pretty much unbeatable for most people (unless budgeting isn't a factor for you). Weight weenies be gone. Really great piece. Sucks the shifter bugged out but seems to be an industry norm these days when it comes to mechanical things.

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