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Feb. 16, 2021, 9:27 a.m. -  Metacomet

Anyone else find the fit of the 5.0 jacket a bit funny in the chest and shoulders?  Mine is quite tight across the chest and into the shoulders.  Not as noticeable when in the riding position, but it is quite bothersome when standing or sitting upright and doesnt match the fit of the rest of the jacket, or much of the other Leatt items I own.  Maybe it was just with the first gen 5.0 jacket, as it doesn't look like tight across those areas on the rider in the review.  Agreed on the material though.  It is robust.  No real chance of packing this jacket into a normal riding bag, but it is the jacket I want on if its really crappy outside and doing something primarily DH focused.  The 5.0 jersey is one of my favorite jerseys and pieces of riding gear ever.  The weight of it is perfect, the windproof chest and arms, and super breathable back means it is Super versatile for layering and regulating body temperature effectively. Not too hot, but warm enough where it actually matters, and alone or combined with a vest it is easy to pull the sleeves up a bit too cool off fast during hard efforts or rising/variable temps, which is not something you can do very well with a windproof jacket.   I wear it with an appropriate base layer depending on the temps, and the funny looking but super effective and versatile Fox Pro Fire Alpha vest on essentially every ride through the fall/winter/spring, and its as close to perfect layering system as I have ever found for near and below freezing winter conditions.  I will also always keep a super packable DWR wind jacket in case the weather takes a turn.  The 5.0 shorts are made very nice but I haven't used them as much as I had hoped when I bought them.  They are a bit too warm for really pedaling hard in unless its really cold and wet out, but when its cold and/or wet out I find that I would just rather be in a pair of pants like the RF Agents or my NF DP3's.  I guess for DH days in the wet they would be pretty great, and the material should really help them to not feel soaked and heavy and gross in those kind of conditions.

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