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Feb. 16, 2021, 7:24 a.m. -  mrbrett

Andrew, I'm into the territory of picking nits here but have each of an 8100, 7100, and 6100 shifter in my household and have a theory about the cable end that was spat out. In your pic it looks like there is a slight taper on the cable end (so it's shaped like =>, rather than =). It looks like probably a Jagwire cable in the pic. My shifters came with Optislick cables, with slightly more squared off ends. Any chance a cable end fitting situation is revealing itself? It wouldn't be the first range of shifters that's unnecessarily finnicky about details like cable end shape. I remember early 00s 105 and Ultegra shifters seemed to work better with Shimano cables than whatever the shop had kicking around. I am attempting to attach a picture of a screen cap from the Shimano website. Hopefully this is validation for the literal years I have spent being incredibly picky about details like this.![](

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