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Feb. 16, 2021, 6:12 a.m. -  Alex D

I installed the 5100 11S iteration of this drivetrain on a 26er Cannondale with 2" tires. Cage had to have been 4" off the ground. Good shifting. Surprisingly good for a 142 bike, though Boost would have been more efficient in the big sprockets. Tuning was a surprise-- this is only Shimano RD I've seen that wants a slack cable in the smallest sprocket, to the point where the cable isn't even resting flush on the guide. 6100 (also installed on an older 29er) appears to be the same group save for the 10T.  Shifter throws are kind of long; definitely preferred my XX1 shifters. And I'm of two minds about the clutch. It works a little too well. Shifting into bigger sprockets on the stand is butter when it's off and noticeably difficult when it's on. I didn't notice it on the bike as much just spinning around and certainly wouldn't on a trail, though would have liked to have seen a tension adjustment. But as you say: it's cheap as chips. I paid something like $200 for the RD, shifter, cassette, and chain, plus another $15 for a Shimano-compatible ring to pair with an existing double. I priced out Advent, discounted Box, etc.-- nothing came up a better value.

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