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Feb. 13, 2021, 2:20 a.m. -  danimaniac

As there's no 5.0 with long legs and I've not worn any 5.0 I can't really compare. The 4.0 is superbly comfortable while pedaling, fits me (wearing xl as a 1,78cm tall, 100kg wide shouldered beardrinker) well. Not too skinny, I'd say bum is as saggy as the 5.0 pictured without ever catching saddle. Legs a bit long for me as my body circumference to height ratio is a bit on the high side... 😂  Yeah, but you press mud through, even the boxers/u dies get dirty (and that's not fear from gnarly stuff... Just saying)  As I understand it. Fit goes from slim/xc (1.0) to enduro (4.0)/downhill/relaxed (5.0)through the range of leatt's clothing. With increased room and protection level.

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