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Feb. 13, 2021, 12:10 a.m. -  Michael Klein

I tried the 2FO Roost in the LBS, and found them a little small. I’m a euro 43 in most shoes (incl. Five Ten), and happily orders from the internet because of this. Looking at size charts from Specialized and Five Ten, Spec’s 43 is a US 9.6 whereas Five Ten is US 10, so this might explain, why I find the 2FO a little short. The guy in the shop, who rides in the 2FO himself said, that he too had found them short at first, but after a few rides he felt t was like the heel had sunk in and the shoes were perfect. Could have just been a sales trick though. Apart from this the 2FO’s are easily the most comfortable shoes I’ve tried.

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